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These are the skin products I use for my face that work best for me as of now.

My skin suffers from severe dryness in the winter, so my skin is normal to dry skin. I alternative with different moisturizers and cleansers through out the year because I am still on a hunt for the most perfect one. For now, the products shown are the one’s that been good lately, but I still want to try new products as I discover. I am always open to try new products.

Face Cleanser: Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh. $38


After a long day , I like to wash my face with this cleanser to take off all the makeup and dirt. This is the first thing I do as for my night time routine. I wet my face and  apply the cleanser directly and start doing circular movements all over and start rubbing it in my eyes to take off all the eye makeup. Right after, I wash off with warm water. It leaves my face with a fresh sensation and  feels smooth. I highly recommend this product for anyone that is trying out different cleansers. It’s for all skin types, in which is a plus+.

Foaming scrub: Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Wash. $7


This foaming scrub is the second step to my skin routine at night and first thing in the morning. The reason I like this product is because it helps with my acne spots to dissolve. I never suffered from poor acne, but every now and than I get some acne spots that I don’t like to pop. I do not recommend poking your acne because they turn into scars. I been alternating with high end and drugstore products for acne treatments. This one is doing just fine, but I feel like I can find a even better one out there. Remember, I am in the hunt, but for the past 5 months its been suitable. I apply this with the clarisonic brush and leave on for 2-4 minutes to really observe inside my skin, than  I wash with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Face Brush: Clariosnic Mia 2. $169



The fun part of my skin care routine is using the face brush on my face. I seriously love this brush cleanser because it really goes deep into your skin. When using the product it alternatives the time in seconds for each section like 20 seconds for the forehead and 20 for the nose/chin, than 10 seconds on each side cheek. When using the brush I put Neutrogena foaming scrub and  leave for 2-4 minutes. After using the brush I let it air dry and take the brush head of and dry the inside of where the head goes. It’s recommend to change the brush head every 3 months. I believe everyone should get there hands on the Clarisonic. The Mia 2 in particular with speed for fragile skin. All Mia’s are waterproof and rechargeable. The brush head can be changed with different varieties, such as Normal, Exfoliate, Sensitive, and more. Get what best suits you. What you waiting for? Go get yourself one!

Moisturizer: La Mer Moisturizing cream $170 and Lotus youth Preserve by Fresh .$45



My skin has been super dry lately, but this two moisturizers has been saving the thirst and has given it moist. As you can see for La Mer’s  I have a small sample that I get at Bloomingdale’s every time i run out. I don’t buy it because it’s over the price, but its AMAZING! If you have the money I would go for La Mer, it literally makes my skin the softest it has ever been.  Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve is a great product to, much less expensive than La Mer. They both work the same, but my skin feels more moist with La Mer. I apply in morning and before going to sleep because the skin gets thirsty, especially at night because it needs the cream to feel replenished and feel soothing. This is applied right after my face wash/cleanse.

Eye Cream:  Lotus Youth Preserve by Fresh. $45


This product is good for dryness in the eye area and dullness. Our eyes are delicate, you need extra moist in this concentrated area. It has some fruit added for a boost in the eyes to awaken them. Since I sleep low hours, it hides my dark circles in which I love. I apply it before sleeping after my face moisturizer and in the morning before putting on makeup.

Exfoliator: Sugar face polish by Fresh $62


Always have a exfoliator in your skin routine! Why? You want to always exfoliate once a week the face because we need to remove the dead skin cells that are deep. Lately, this one has been doing the thing, leaves my skin feeling amazing and very dense. It gives me a radiant complexion. It’s for all skin types, but best for dry skin like me!

Lip Mask: Satin Lips by Mary Kay. $18 (with set)


My lovely grandmother gift me this lip mask, and it’s amazing. It leave’s my lips well moisturized and soft. It exfoliates dead skin cells from the lips in which it interacts having them soft and fresh like new.

Let me know if you try this products out everyone<3 I highly recommend them all. If you have any recommendations let me know.

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Much Love, FabiolaRubyVerduzco XO